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Reviving Your Stages Indoor Cycles: The Ultimate Crank Arm Solution

Reviving Your Stages Indoor Cycles: The Ultimate Crank Arm Solution

In the heart of the group and boutique indoor cycling world, facility directors and studio owners face a myriad of challenges, from ensuring the highest quality customer experience to maintaining state-of-the-art equipment.

Among these challenges, a significant issue has emerged for those using Stages indoor cycles in their facilities: finding replacement Stages indoor cycle crank arms. As these integral components fail either due to normal wear and tear or incorrect pedal installation, the quest for replacement crank arms becomes critical.

While Stages Cycling looks for an investor to breathe life back into it, its replacement parts inventory has depleted to zero; new replacement Stages crank arms are no longer available anywhere in the marketplace.

Risking operational downtime and significant loss of revenue, facility directors and boutique owners are now scrambling to figure out whether they should replace their entire fleet of Stages indoor cycles or add to their existing fleet of Stages bikes with a different brand like Schwinn; the former is costly and the latter is confusing as well as costly.

Indoor Cycle Pros, industry's leader in Stages indoor cycle repair and service has come up with an viable, cost-effective solution to the Stages crank arm dilemma. This specialized proprietary solution not only addresses the immediate need for replacement Stages crank arms but also ensures the longevity and continued performance of your Stages bikes for several more years.

A Crank Arm Crisis

The wear on crank arms is an inevitable consequence of the rigorous use indoor cycles endure. Specifically, the threading that accommodates the pedals can become worn or stripped either from normal wear and tear or from improper pedal installation, rendering the bike inoperable. For boutique studios and group indoor cycling facilities, where the quality and performance of their indoor cycles directly impact customer satisfaction and retention, this is not a mere inconvenience‚ÄĒit's a costly threat to business continuity.

Reconditioning with Precision

Recognizing the gravity of this situation, Indoor Cycle Pros offers a seamless and efficient proprietary solution for Stages brand indoor cycle crank arms. Here's how it works:

  1. Ship Your Crank Arms: Ship the damaged Stages crank arms without pedals and without the main pulley (right crank arm) to Indoor Cycle Pros
  2. Expert Reconditioning: Indoor Cycle Pros meticulously reconditions each Stages crank arm. This custom and proprietary process not only restores the crank arm to its original glory but ensures its durability matches that of a brand new crank arm.
  3. Cost-Effective Pricing: At $149 plus shipping of $12.95 per Stages crank arm, a fraction of the cost of a new replacement costing ~$2000
  4. Swift Turnaround: 10 to 14 business day turnaround from receipt of the Stages crank arm(s) intended to minimize downtime and accelerate your facility/studio's return to full operational capacity.

Renewed Durability and Continued Revenue

The reconditioned Stages crank arms from Indoor Cycle Pros are an extremely cost-effective solution that will help safeguard your Stages indoor cycle investment and provide several more years of revenue generation.

A Strategic Partnership for Studio Owners

The challenge of worn-out Stages crank arms, coupled with the absolute lack of replacements, underscores the need for innovative solutions that support the boutique indoor cycling community.

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