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Indoor Cycle Pros

What is Indoor Cycle Pros?

Indoor Cycle Pros specializes in being a full-service partner for boutique indoor cycling studios, offering a range of services including new commercial indoor cycles from Stages Cycling and Schwinn Indoor Cycling, expert onsite (Southern CA only) and virtual service, commercial duty pedals, saddles, and compatibility with Shimano SPD and LOOK Delta cleats.

Which areas does Indoor Cycle Pros serve?

Our onsite services are available exclusively in Southern California. However, we provide virtual services and ship products nationwide, catering to all boutique indoor cycling studios in the United States.

What brands of commercial indoor cycles do you offer?

We offer the latest models of commercial indoor cycles from leading brands, including Stages Cycling and Schwinn Indoor Cycling, ensuring quality and performance for your studio.

Are your pedals and saddles compatible with all types of indoor cycles?

Our commercial duty pedals and saddles are designed for wide compatibility, including seamless integration with Stages Cycling and Schwinn Indoor Cycling bikes, as well as other major brands.

Do you offer Shimano SPD and LOOK Delta compatible cleats?

Yes, we provide top-quality Shimano SPD and LOOK Delta compatible cleats to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all riders.

Can Indoor Cycle Pros assist with studio design?

Absolutely. We offer premier studio design services, from layout planning to aesthetic design, ensuring your indoor cycling studio is both functional and inviting.

Do you offer consultation services for new cycling studios?  

Yes, our expert consultants provide invaluable advice on equipment selection, studio layout, and business strategy to help launch and grow successful indoor cycling studios.

What kind of instructor training does Indoor Cycle Pros provide?

Our instructor training programs cover everything from bike setup and maintenance to class choreography and engagement strategies, empowering instructors to deliver exceptional classes.

What onsite services do you offer in Southern California?

For clients in Southern California, we provide expert onsite services including equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your studio equipment remains in top condition.

How does virtual service work for clients outside Southern California? 

Our virtual service offerings include video consultations, remote troubleshooting, and guidance on maintenance and repairs, ensuring your studio's needs are met no matter your location.

Does Indoor Cycle Pros offer financing options for equipment purchase?

Yes, we provide flexible financing options to help studios manage the cost of equipment investment, making it easier to acquire top-quality commercial indoor cycles and accessories.

How can I place an order with Indoor Cycle Pros?

Orders can be placed through our website or by contacting our sales team directly. We're here to assist with product selection and ensure a smooth ordering process.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, we offer nationwide shipping for all our products, including commercial indoor cycles, pedals, saddles, and cleats.

Can Indoor Cycle Pros assist with cycling studio business planning?

Yes, our consultancy services include business planning and strategy development, helping your indoor cycling studio thrive in a competitive market.

Do you offer ongoing support after equipment purchase?  

Our commitment to your studio's success extends beyond the purchase, with ongoing support, maintenance tips, and service advice readily available.

What warranty comes with your commercial indoor cycles?

Our commercial indoor cycles come with manufacturer warranties that cover parts and labor, ensuring peace of mind and reliability for your studio.

Can Indoor Cycle Pros customize training for my studio's needs?  

Yes, we can tailor instructor training and workshops to meet the specific needs of your studio and staff, ensuring a perfect fit for your studio's culture and client base.

How can I request technical support for my equipment?

Technical support can be requested via our website or by contacting our customer service team, offering both onsite and virtual assistance.

Are replacement parts readily available for commercial indoor cycles?

Yes, we ensure a ready supply of replacement parts for all commercial indoor cycles and accessories we sell, minimizing downtime for your studio.