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Stages Console, Model SIC2

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Stages SIC2 Console: Powered by the Rider

The Stages SIC2 Console is an innovative cycling display that harnesses energy directly from the rider's activity, eliminating the need for console batteries. This eco-friendly design features a generator integrated into the flywheel hub, ensuring seamless power delivery.

New SIC2 display console will ship with full charge along with the most updated firmware version available.

Key Features:

  • Self-Powered System: Operates solely on the energy generated by the rider, promoting a sustainable and uninterrupted cycling experience.
  • Integrated Design: Features a wired connection discreetly housed within the handlebar stem, designed for both aesthetic sleekness and easy maintenance access.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with a permanent backlight, this console ensures data is easily visible in any lighting condition, removing the need to press buttons during workouts.
  • Advanced Data Tracking: Offers comprehensive monitoring, including stage, current, and average data readings. This feature is crucial for cyclists looking to optimize their training efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Segmented Sessions: Includes a STAGE button that supports up to 99 time segments (laps), allowing for detailed session analysis. The warm-up stage is excluded from data recording to prevent skewing total ride metrics with preliminary warm-up activity.

The Stages SIC2 Console is engineered for cyclists who demand precision and eco-efficiency in their training equipment. This console not only enhances workout sessions through detailed data insights but also contributes to a sustainable cycling practice.